Grip 'N' Glide

Covid is at the forefront of everyone’s minds these days. Are you afraid of touching that door handle? Are you thinking about how you can make your business even safer during Covid? Door handles can carry many, many germs as they are touched by lots of people throughout the day. We have the perfect solution.

Grip’N’Glide is the safest way to allow you open and close any latch-less door. It’s so easy. Just use your foot!

The Grip 'N' Glide has made our workplace a must safer environment for not only my staff but also our customers. Have less contact with surfaces help stop the spread of Covid-19

Sarah Jane Power

Grip 'N' Glide was super easy to install and helps with protecting my staff when they are in the work place.

Frank Walsh

A simple product that we couldn't be without. It makes me feel safer knowing I no longer have to touch any door handles when moving around the workplace.

Thomas Butler