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Covid is at the forefront of everyone’s minds these days. Are you afraid of touching that door handle? Are you thinking about how you can make your business even safer during Covid? Door handles can carry many, many germs as they are touched by lots of people throughout the day. We have the perfect solution.

Grip’N’Glide is the safest way to allow you open and close any latch-less door. It’s so easy. Just use your foot!

Get a grip on Covid and glide your way into a safer working environment.
You are about to eliminate cross contamination of Covid in your home, store, office, warehouse, bar or restaurant. Anywhere you have a latch-less door, be it wood or metal. You can have Grip’N’Glide installed.

Grip’N’Glide is the number one solution to keeping your staff feel safe at work. No more worrying about touching door handles that contain hundreds of bacteria.

Grip’N’Glide even makes manual handling safer. You are now free to carry items such as boxes or plates safely, as you don’t have to worry about juggling what’s in your hands, to open a door.

This low cost safety solution to protect your staff and employees is an absolute must. Be prepared, be safe, be ahead of the game and be ahead of Covid.

It’s never been so easy. You can install Grip’N’Glide yourself, with an easy step by step instruction or we can supply and fit your new Grip’N’Glide.

Using Grip’N’Glide means you can push or pull any metal or wooden latch-less door with just the touch of your foot. Keeping your hands germ free.

Order your Grip’N’Glide today.

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